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Found in 1991, NTGD valve dedicate itself to industrial valve manufacturing for more than 30 years. During these years NTGD valve has expanded to offer a wide range of engineered solutions for the toughest industrial application to meet clients’ requirements. NTGD valve continuously invests resources in design and quality that ensure NTGD bring clients’ expectation further.

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Industries That We Serve

Industrial valves are widely used in energy and process industrial.  Our professional team enables NTGD valve to provide industrial valve for the toughest applications. Including:

         ▲Oil & Gas.                     Petrolchemical.

         Power Generation.   HVAC/Building Automation.

         Semi-conductor        Food & Beverage

Never Compromised on Quality

Quality industrial valve is the key aspect that NTGD valve establish long term business relation with so may renowned clients. Each piece valve manufactured by NTGD undergo strict test and quality control. 

NTGD team always try our best to avoid critical quality problem and reduce detailed unconformity.  We will take resposible for each industrial valve delivered from us. As an ISO 9001 certified company, we will continously improve our industrial valve quality.

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Our Mission

To provide the best quality and cost-effective industrial valve and technical services to our valued customers in the Power, Energy, and Industrial sectors. Driving business success and provide our customers peace of mind.


As long as we estblish NTGD valve, we applied for ISO 9001 certificate to establish our quality system. We have been certified for around 30 years. 

These years NTGD valves get certified by ISO 45001 and ISO 14001. These management systems help us continuously improve quality. Industrial valves manufactured are designed by API6D, API600, API602, API609, API603, API608, BS & DIN standard, and etc.

What is a industrial valve

An industrial valve is an electro-mechanical device that regulates the flow and pressure of fluids such as water, oil, chemicals, steam, different gases, and slurries within a system. Fluid flow is regulated by opening, shutting, or partially blocking the flow of fluids. They are often referred to as regulators and are employed in a wide range of industries.

Valves are defined as any pipe component that operates on fluids by opening and shutting, partially throttling, or diverting the fluid, according to the European Committee for Standardization.

So mainly, it regulates the flow and pressure. The size, design, purpose, and functioning of valves are large in numbers. Valve classification may be done in a variety of ways, including control mechanism and how the valve functions.

Industrial valve manufacturers can be found all over the world. These Industrial valve manufacturers make a variety of valves, each with a distinct character and use.

Industrial Valve selection guide.

Proper selection of a correct valve is a must to ensure the success of a job it is employed for. But other aspects like efficiency, ease in operation, less maintenance, etc. are also major things to be considered while selecting a valve.

Knowing certain details in advance makes selecting the proper valve much easier and more assured. Complications such as application requirements, operational circumstances, and chemical compatibility will always exist. Valve selection will be simplified and faster if you start with the basics.

Here is the list of things to be considered for the selection of valves.

  • Type of valve: While selecting a valve for your application determine the nature of the process for which you are selecting the valve, like do you need an on/off valve, a throttling valve, a diverter, mixer, non-return valve, pressure relief, or a safety valve.

While keeping in mind the process requirement, select the proper valve from different types of valves like Gate, Ball, Butterfly, Control, NRV,                   PRV, Check, & Globe valve, etc.

  • Material of construction: Understand the standards for chemical compatibility of the system fluid. The materials used in valves must be compatible with the gases or liquids that pass through them. Plastic valves frequently outperform metal valves when it comes to severe or corrosive substances.
  • Process parameters: Determine the required pressure and temperature. Determine the temperature and pressure range for the valve’s installation. Metal valves are more resistant to heat and pressure than plastic valves. For pressured gases, metal valves are typically the best option. This is due to the fact that they are more durable than plastic valves.
  • Size/Connection type: Determine the piping size and type of end connection that is most suitable for the system where it is going to be utilized.
  • Actuation requirement: Determine whether the valve needs actuation to the remote operation or not. See the most suitable mode of actuation like Pneumatic, Electric or Hydraulic depending upon availability and ease of operation.
  • Maintenance requirements: Don’t forget about routine maintenance. Any valve selection should take into account the maintenance needs. This is critical for valve performance as well as application stability. Ball valves are a great illustration of this. They are resistant to clogging, jamming, and malfunction. However, they are ineffective for regulating flow. When used to regulate flow, they might cause leaks or premature failure.

NTGD is a professional industrial valve manufacturer, feel free to contact me if you have any question about industrial valve selection.

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