Concentric Butterfly Valve

Concentric Butterfly Valve

※ Concentric Disc, Resillient Seated
※ Size Range: NPS 2 to NPS 56
※ Class Range: 150LB/PN10/PN16
※ Design STD.: API609/ DIN 3202-K1
※ Concentric Butterfly Valve Manufacturer


A butterfly valve belongs to the family of quarter-turn valves that can work as a throttling or on-off valve. Butterfly valves provide a number of advantages over other types of valves, including a more cost-effective design with fewer body parts, making them easier to operate, handle, and maintain. The wafer body type and its comparatively lower weight minimise its expenses and installation costs, as well as equipment, pipe support, manpower, and installation time.

Butterfly valves are divided into two types: concentric and eccentric valves. The main thing that differentiates these types is whether the stem is in line or concentric with the central axis of the valve or it is eccentric or off centre from the axis and lies on a different plane. This structural difference is due to the variations in how different butterfly valves seat and shut off. These two types of valves have some similarities in terms of rating and performance, but they are very different in terms of the operational features that matter, such as pressure classification and shut-off functionality. Both valve types have properties that make them preferable over other types of valves.

Here, in this article, we will discuss the concentric type of butterfly valve in detail, construction, working principle, features and limitations as well. We will also list the top concentric valve manufacturers in the world.

What is a Concentric Butterfly Valve?

Concentric butterfly valves are also known as Rubber-Lined or Resilient-Seated Butterfly valves due to the fact that they are available with a soft seat and they rely on the flexibility of this seat to successfully achieve the sealing when the valve is closed. They have also termed Zero offset Butterfly Valves because the stem shaft lies in the centre of the disc axis. This disc and shaft assembly is placed inside the pipe bore and the seat is placed inside the valve body which is in the inside diameter periphery of the valve.

concentric butterfly valve manufacturer

Concentric butterfly valves have a conventional design in which the disc is continuously in contact with the seat. Low-pressure application ranges are frequently served by concentric butterfly valves. Because the seat of a concentric butterfly valve is designed like a sleeve or cylinder inside the valve body, the media that pass through the valve does not come into contact with the body.

Working: Concentric Butterfly Valve.

Concentric butterfly valves function in a more straightforward manner. A disc is positioned in the middle of the connecting pipe, and a stem is linked to the actuator, lever, or a gear actuation assembly at the top of the valve in the conventional butterfly valve. The disc is perpendicular to the pipeline flow passage and the seat is in full contact with the valve disc when the valve is in a closed position. An O-ring is used to seal the stem for any leakage at the top of the valve body. The disc slides away from the valve seat and turns parallel to the fluid flow when the valve is turned 90 degrees with the use of an actuator or handle. The flow can be throttled or proportionate when the rotation angle is less than 90 degrees.

Construction: Concentric Butterfly Valve.

wafer type concentric butterfly valve
  • Body: The body is made up using the casting method and features a one-piece design.  Concentric butterfly valve manufacturers also design a flange at the top of the valve body which is intended to hold the valve actuation device. Body Liner is moulded and attached to the body as a whole. It offers valve disc seating, the main stem sealing arrangement, and a ‘gasket’ connection with matching pipe flanges. Stretch and deformation are prevented by the integrally cast liner. This is a prevalent issue with loosely fitting liners, which need replacement on a regular basis.
  • Disc: Valve Disc is made up of versatile material that can be used in a variety of applications. It is intended to offer the perfect balance of strength and flow efficiency. Commonly used concentric valve design uses the ductile iron discs with Nylon coating. Other materials can also be used such as epoxy.
  • Stem: Small size valves often feature two-piece stems for the best mix of flow efficiency and structural strength. The stem is made in one piece for valves with a diameter equal to or greater than 10″ ensuring better dispersion of the disc load. To avoid any slippage between the stem and the disc, the stem is connected to the disc using taper pins. Generally, high-tensile stainless steel has been chosen as the stem’s building material.
  • Seal: Butterfly valves in most of the forms are interference-seated, with a rubber liner in the seat. Where rubber is not competent with the liquid to be sealed, the liner can be composed of PTFE and supported by an elastomer cushioning to provide resilience to the seat.

Design Features: Concentric Butterfly Valve.

  • Concentric Butterfly Valves are developed and built to offer the best combination of structural integrity, flow economy, and excellent seating, all while being lightweight, small, and simple to use. The valves can be fully opened or closed with just a quarter turn.
  • The valves have a completely moulded elastomer body liner that provides proper seating and total isolation of the body component from the media, protecting it from corrosion and abrasion. The material of the body lining could be customized to meet the individual fluid service requirements for a long life.
  • The valves are simple to install in any pipe configuration, from horizontal to vertical. The body liner functions as a seal between the valve body and the matching pipe flanges, thus no gaskets are needed.

Application: Concentric Butterfly Valve.

  • Size Range                       : NPS 2” to NPS 24”
  • Class Range                     : ANSI Class 125 to Class 150
  • Design Standard            : API 609/ ISO 10631 / EN 593 / BS 5155
  • Temperature Range      : -57°C to 204°C
  • End Connection              : Lug, Wafer, Double Flanged.
  • Valve Body Material       : Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel (Monel)
  • Stem Material                  : PH Stainless Steel
  • Seat Material                    : PTFE / RPTFE / Special filled PTFE
  • Seal                                     : PTFE / RPTFE / Special filled PTFE / Graphite
  • Operation                          : Manual Lever / Pneumatic / Electrical

Top 5 Concentric Butterfly Valve Manufacturers

Company Name: CMO Valves
Type of Business: Concentric Butterfly Valve Manufacturer
Company’s Address: Barrio Amategi, 142, 20400 TOLOSA, GUIPUZCOA – SPAIN
Contact Information: (+34) 943 67 33 99
Other Products: Knife Gate Valves, Slurry Valves, Check Valves, Butterfly Valves, Dampers, etc.
Applications: Water Treatment, Chemical and Petroleum Industry, Dams and Hydrological Projects, Energy Generation, Food Industry, Mining Slurry Valves, Paper Industry

Type of Business: Manufacturer
Company’s Address: Station Yard, The Leys, Chipping Norton, OX7 5HZ
Contact Information: Tel: 01608 645755, Email:
Other Products: Actuated Valve, Solenoid Valve, Globe & Angle Seat Valves, Check, Stop-check, Butterfly, Ball Valve, etc.
Applications: Power, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Water, HVAC, Powder, etc.

Company Name: AVK International
Type of Business: Concentric Butterfly ValveManufacturer
Company’s Address: Bizonvej 1, 8464 Galten, Denmark.
Contact Information: +45 87 54 21 00
Other Products: Ball, Butterfly, Control, Sluice Valves, etc.
Applications: Fire Protection, Water, Gas, Irrigation, etc.

Company Name: ACE Valve Corporation
Type of Business: Manufacturer
Company’s Address: Suite 201, 81 Dogye-Ro, Euichang-Gu, Changwon City, Kyongnam, 51162, Korea
Contact Information: Tel: (82 55) 288-1714
Other Products: Ball, Butterfly, Control, Gate, Check, Globe Valves, etc.
Applications: Oil & Gas, Fire Protection, Water, Gas, Irrigation, etc.

Company Name: DKC CO., LTD.
Type of Business:
Concentric Butterfly Valve Manufacturer
Company’s Address: #34, 15Beon-Gil, Mieumsandan-1Ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea
Contact Information: Tel: +82-51-714-6030
Other Products: Triple Offset Butterfly Valves, Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves, Single Eccentric Butterfly Valves Concentric Butterfly Valves, Dual Plate Check Valves, Nozzle Check Valves, Combined Non Return Valves, Non Slam Non Return Valves.
Applications: Oil & Gas, Power, Desalination, Process Industries, Water, Offshore, Shipbuilding, Irrigation, etc.


Here, we have provided a brief understanding of a concentric butterfly valve with its special features. For more information on different valve options, you can contact us and our experts will help to select a perfect valve according to your need.

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